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Boris Johnson ‘demands assurances Theresa May will not lead Election’

Boris Johnson ‘demands assurances from Theresa May that she will not lead the UK into a General Election’

  • In direct confrontation he said: ‘Can you assure me you won’t lead in election’ 
  • Mrs May believed to have said she already made clear she would not lead in 2022
  • But the former foreign secretary said: ‘That does not answer the question’
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Boris Johnson repeatedly asked the Prime Minister to her face to promise not to lead the party into a General Election.

In their direct confrontation, the former Foreign Secretary is understood to have said: ‘Can you assure me, Prime Minister, that you will not lead the party into another Election?’

When Mrs May said that she had ‘already made clear’ that she would not be leader in 2022 – the planned date of the next Election – Mr Johnson said: ‘That doesn’t answer the question.’

Boris Johnson (pictured leaving the Cabinet Office on Tuesday) is believed to have asked Prime Minister Theresa May to assure him that she would not lead the Tories into another General Election

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Mrs May said she had ‘already made clear’ she would not be leader in a 2022 General Election. But Mr Johnson said: ‘That doesn’t answer the question’

The exchange came during a meeting to discuss Mrs May’s Brexit deal.

Downing Street aides have discussed in recent weeks the idea of calling an Election if the deal is again voted down in the Commons, with the Prime Minister asking the electorate to back her.

Wednesday is the last date on which an Election can be called if polling day is to coincide with the local elections on May 2.

However, Mrs May’s televised speech to the nation last week, in which she blamed MPs for the Brexit delay, has reminded Conservatives of their leader’s failings as an election campaigner.

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