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Boffins use science to prove who would win in human vs chimp fight

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    Boffins have put to bed the age-old question about who would win in a fight, a human or a chimpanzee – and the answer is complex.

    Relatives, humans and chimps are both part of the Great Ape family and share many similarities, but various fundamental differences make this particular battle such a source of intrigue.

    Experts at A-Z Animals have gone through the realities of this ancient showdown in a bid to answer it once and for all – and they reckon it’s far from straightforward with no single factor definitive in working out the conclusion of the unpleasant head-to-head.

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    There are of course physical disparities

    Humans are bigger, generally being taller and weighing more, but chimps can reach a far higher top speed – closer to 25mph rather than close to 18mph for humans.

    One crucial difference is bite power – chimps would be likely to use their jaws to bite and are extremely powerful on that front – they chow down with 1,300 PSI compared to humans which can conjure just 162 PSI.

    They also have four fang-like canines.

    In terms of senses, humans have better smell and sight, but chimps have stronger hearing.

    The chimp would likely opt for more of a grappling approach and would try to slam the enemy to the floor, while using teeth, stomping and pulling their victim around.

    Humans, meanwhile, are more likely to opt for leverage if the fight is without weapons.

    A-Z reckon that seven “crucial” factors would be the deciding questions when trying to work out which wins the fight.

    • Humans have a major size advantage, 1-0
    • Chimps are faster moving, 1-1
    • Biting and tooth size is a comfortable win for the chimp, 1-2
    • They both have different strengths in terms of senses, making this a tie, 1-2
    • Defensively, the chimp’s whopping teeth are more formidable than humanity’s flight or fight instincts, 1-3
    • The human’s bigger brain means it is likely to use leverage and clever attacks through leverage, 2-3
    • The chimp has more diverse predatory behaviour, as it is both reactionary and proactive, 2-4

    Overall it’s a win for a chimp, so probably best not to scrap it if you run into one.

    Chimps are “far more aggressive and violent” than a human is and so the best bet would probably be to leg it.

    Running is the clever thing to do, and a human also has better stamina and so if it did give chase it would likely get tired first.

    If you only have the choice to stay and fight, a weapon is probably in order to level the playing field.

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