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Armed men kidnap the son and nephew of drug cartel member in Tijuana

Dramatic video shows the moment 12 armed men kidnap the son and nephew of Mexican drug cartel’s former money man in Tijuana

  • About 12 men are suspected of participating in Wednesday’s daylight kidnapping of Jesús Manuel Labra Félix and Marcos Liborio Félix Labra
  • Video recorded by a motorist shows one of the victims being forced into an SUV 
  • Labra Félix is the son of Jesús ‘El Chuy’ Labra Avilés, who operated the finances of the Arrellano Félix Cartel. Félix Labra is his nephew
  • Law enforcement officials say the brazen abduction was done in ’50 seconds’ after the victims were watched for 90 minutes 
  • El Chuy is currently serving a 40-year sentence in the US for drug trafficking
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This is the shocking moment that the son and nephew of a former Mexican cartel member were kidnapped in a Tijuana street.

A motorist’s cell phone video showed how a gang of masked men forced one of the victims to climb into a white Chevrolet Suburban on Wednesday at 5:30pm local time.

According to Mexican news outlet ZETA, sources close to the investigation said one of the men abducted is Jesús Manuel Labra Félix, the son of Jesús ‘El Chuy’ Labra Avilés.

ZETA also reported that El Chuy’s nephew, Marcos Liborio Félix Labra, was also snatched. 

El Chuy was an accountant for the Arrellano Félix Cartel, and was involved in making it one of the most powerful criminal organizations in Mexico.

He is currently serving a 40-year sentence in the US for drug trafficking.

Jesús ‘El Chuy’ Labra Avilés was an accountant for the Arrellano Félix Cartel in Mexico. His son, Jesús Manuel Labra Félix, and nephew, Marcos Liborio Félix Labra, were kidnapped in Tijuana

A family member of the former drug cartel accountant is forced inside a SUV

At least 12 men participated in the kidnapping of El Chuy’s son and nephew

Law enforcement officials released photographs of two other vehicles that were involved in the daylight kidnapping, a Chevrolet Impala and a Toyota Camry – both white.

The video also reveals how the SUV intercepted the grey Duster Renault pickup truck the victims were traveling in before it was cut off in front of the crosswalk. 

At least 12 men participated in the abduction, the secretary of the Municipal Public Security, Marco Antonio Sotomayor Amezcua, said during a Thursday morning press conference.

Authorities are looking for a Chevrolet Impala spotted at the scene of Wednesday’s kidnapping

The secretary of the Municipal Public Security in Tijuana, Marco Antonio Sotomayor Amezcua, said the abductors needed ’50 seconds’ to kidnap the men and escape. A Toyota Camry was captured by a CCTV camera blocking traffic at an intersection

Investigators search the area where the kidnapping took place. The two men were dragged out of a grey Duster Renault (pictured)

The abductors needed just needed ’50 seconds’ to grab the men and escape, as passers-by looked on in shock, Sotomayor Amezcua added. 

He said that the first police patrol unit arrived a minute after an emergency call was placed, and additional cops arrived shortly after.

CCTV cameras reviewed by law enforcement officials show the kidnappers had been keeping a close eye on their targets for 90 minutes before closing in.

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A motorist records the shocking moment the men are grabbed

Investigators said no criminal factions have claimed responsibility as of Wednesday night.

The incident took place near to a school where El Chuy was arrested by Mexican authorities in 2000 while watching a son play in a soccer game.

El Chuy, who was respected by cartel members and denounced violent attacks carried out by the criminal network, served eight years inside a Mexico jail before he was extradited to the United States in 2008.

A U.S. federal court in San Diego, California, sentenced him to 40 years in jail after he pleaded guilty to cocaine and marijuana trafficking.

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