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Angry Welsh villagers ‘rebel’ against Government with help from ‘Christmas elf’

In a cheeky act of rebellion against the Welsh Government, villagers have put up their own 30-mph signs to slow down speedy drivers.

The residents of Glasfryn, Conwy, claim that ' Christmas elves' have been busy setting up the signs overnight, ready for December, North Wales Live reports. Despite the official speed limit on the A5 through Glasfryn being 60mph, the locals plan to decorate their Christmas tree with 30-mph signs at the switch-on this week.

They're fuming at the Welsh Government for putting up 60-mph signs eighteen months ago, which they believe encourages dangerous driving. Councillor Gwennol Ellis expressed her fears about a speeding vehicle hitting the school bus taking children to Ysgol Cerrigydrudion.

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Despite their pleas to the Welsh Government falling on deaf ears, the villagers remain hopeful. "Some 30-mph signs have appeared overnight. Maybe it was the Christmas elves," she quipped.

"The signs (either side of the village) are in farmers' fields, so they can't do anything about that, can they? The Welsh Government put up national speed limits signs over 18 months ago either end of the village, encouraging people to drive at 60 mph. They appeared all of a sudden, but we've got a lot of families living in the village.

"They live right on the roadside, so the school bus picks up on the A5, and I'm just scared somebody is going to drive into the back of that one day. "

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Resident Euan Robertson added: "We woke up this morning, and with it being December 1, we think that either Santa's little helpers or the Christmas elves have decorated the village and put up some 30-mph speed limit signs," he said. "One sign is on a hay bale, and we have a village Christmas tree which is being switched on Monday night. The baubles have been made as 30-mph signs."

A Welsh Government spokeswoman said that they were "currently updating guidance on local speed limits," and that any "reviews on speed limits have been paused".

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