Wednesday, 24 Apr 2024

Amazon slammed for vile PAEDO-FRIENDLY baby clothes: ‘Daddy’s little f*** toy’

Professor Marci Hamilton of Philadelphia-based anti-abuse think tank Child USA told The Sun: It is outrageous that baby clothing with this language appears anywhere on the web let alone Amazon.

“They should have much better controls over products for children generally.

“It is shocking, and I’m surprised it is there in the first place.

“I had assumed that Amazon had to clear products before they are put online.

“It clearly should have been ringing alarm bells – but it went online.”

The same slogan is still easily found on clothing meant for adults but Amazon’s child-sized versions have now been removed from the site.

A spokesperson from Amazon told Daily Star Online: “All marketplace sellers must follow our selling guidelines, and those who don’t will be subject to action including potential removal of their account. The product in question is no longer available.”

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