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Adult star who filmed with ‘minor’ claims to have sex session in pharmacy

An adult star who drew controversy for having sex with a "minor" has since claimed to have recorded a sex session in a pharmacy.

Michelle Comi was booted off of OnlyFans after admitting to making content with someone under the age of 18, but has since pushed through with further racy content.

Her most recent recordings appear to show her and an unnamed adult star in the act inside of a pharmacy, which Comi had teased consistently on her social media accounts.

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Taking to her Instagram and posting a number of reels inside a pharmacy-like room, Michelle, who recently filmed an X-rated video in a supermarket, teased her latest content.

Stocked full of Listerine and first aid kits, the pharmacy in question appeared to be made of Billy bookcases from IKEA.

Michelle maintained her recent video had been recorded in a pharmacy though, taking to her Telegram channel and sharing a not safe for work clip of her next film.

She captioned it: "We did it in a pharmacy," before posting a link to the video.

It is not the first time Comi has taken herself and partner-turned-manager Daddy Bunny to a store or public spot for an adult video recording, with The Daily Star previously reporting another controversial moment for the adult star.

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Comi hit headlines for her supermarket romp, which seemingly showed her and Daddy Bunny in the act inside of the store.

The video, which released some time after the revelation of her controversial sex act with a "minor", caused a stir with what she described as a "joke" video.

At the time of the video's release, Comi was on damage control, addressing rumours she had recorded a sex video with someone under the age of 18.

She said at the time: "I had to choose a guy from my subscribers to record the video with. After several selections I chose and met him."

However, she only learned after filming when the minor revealed his true age to her.

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