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Adorable moment golden retriever drags struggling puppy out of ditch

Adorable moment a golden retriever lives up to her name and gently pulls struggling puppy out of a ditch

  • Heartwarming footage shows mother dog rescuing her puppy in China 
  • She jumps over the ditch and carefully manages to drag the puppy up by his ear 
  • Once the puppy has scrambled out of the ditch his muddied paws are visible  
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This is the heartwarming moment a golden retriever helps her baby clamber out of a ditch by grabbing it by the ear. 

Footage shows the little puppy falling into a ditch and struggling to climb up its steep sides in northwestern China. 

The mother then quickly realises what her baby is in need and jumps over the ditch to get to a better angle where she can help. 

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The little puppy falls into a ditch so its mother jumps to its aid on the other side of a ditch in China. Once the mother is on the right side she negotiates the steep incline of the ditch and is able to drag her puppy up to safety

As water from a stream gushes below the puppy it seems to panic while it desperately tries to get onto higher ground. 

His tail wags frantically while he clings on to the sides and waits for his mother to help. 

She looks down at him and appears to assess the situation before carefully edging her paws forward so she’s on the fringes of the ditch. 

Once she’s managed to position herself she leans her head over the side and grabs her puppy by the ear with her teeth. 

Then she slowly drags him up to safety while another of his siblings watches on from the sidelines. 

Once the puppy is on safe ground the footage shows his hind legs have been covered in mud from the stream while he was trying to scrabble up.   

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