Wednesday, 27 Oct 2021

Adams 14 regains accreditation, signing joint statement with private manager

The Adams 14 school district has won back its accreditation after becoming the first district in Colorado to lose it — if only for a few days.

The Colorado Department of Education confirmed the restoration Thursday after district officials submitted a copy of an agreement made with its private manager, MGT Consulting, and approved by the school board Wednesday night.

The agreement, signed by Adams 14 board President Ramona Lewis and MGT Chairman and CEO Trey Traviesa, agrees to three actions that the State Board requested to ensure that both sides are again working together.

They include ensuring that the MGT team has full control of district management, that the company again retains duties of the superintendent, and that MGT has access to the local school board without going through the superintendent.

The last item was to address MGT officials’ complaint to the state that the Adams 14 administration blocked them from board meetings in recent months.

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