Saturday, 2 Dec 2023

‘What happened!?’ Port of Dover chief hits out at ‘insufficient’ French over border chaos

Dover: Long queues as holidaymakers head to France

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The Port of Dover Chief Executive Doug Bannister has blasted French authorities for the queues seen at Dover today. Speaking to Sky News, Mr Bannister said that French authorities had only provided half of the required staff needed at the border.  Earlier in the day, the Dover chief declared “a critical incident,” on what is expected to be an extremely busy day for air, road and rail travel as most schools across England and Wales break up for the holidays.

He told Sky News: “We should not be in this position. We have been planning for this day for months.

“We have installed new infrastructure and trained up new people.

“We warned that if we need not have the resources in place by around 4am today, we would be in this position.

” It is highly regrettable.”

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When pressed on who was to blame, Mr Bannister responded: “We don’t know why there were insufficient resources deployed from the French border control.

“There are insufficient French officers on the ground. We don’t know why this has happened.”

He added: “We are getting the traffic moving, which is good news but it will take some time for the backlog to clear.”

This weeknd is expected to be the start of the busiest summer getaway in years.

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