Tuesday, 21 May 2024

Sunak threatened with two immediate resignations over Brexit NI talks

Brexit: Rishi Sunak says there is ‘no deal’

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Rishi Sunak is “facing an exodus” from his government as two junior members are already in discussions about whether to quit over his Brexit negotiations on Northern Ireland. Fury among Brexiteer Tory MPs is growing over an apparent attempt to compromise with the EU which would have left Northern Ireland under Brussels control.

Express.co.uk has been told that two Parliamentaary Private Secretaries are holding talks with fellow Tory MPs over whether to quit in protest.

A Conservative MP said: “They are talking about it on the basis that their careers are not going to go anywhere anyway because the polls show we are heading to a big defeat.

“Their feeling is that they may as well make a principled stand on this issue and some noise, which will at least show they are trying to do the right thing and may persuade Downing Street not to do something stupid.”

The MP noted that resignations are possible on the protocol talks but also on the failure of Mr Sunak to bring forward his Bill to deport migrants which was again delayed this week.

And Tory MPs are getting nervous about next week’s tax raising Budget.

Already though there has been talk that Home Secretary Suella Braverman is ready to walk over a Brexit compromise.

Another Tory MP said: “If these two decide to go it could trigger a rush to the exit door and see many more resignations.”

With the European Research Group (ERG) of Conservative Brexiteer MPs set to meet at 6pm around 100 MPs are expected to be ready to rebel if the government tries to push through a compromise with the EU.

At the weekend, a Techne UK poll for Express.co.uk showed a majority of British voters, including pro-EU Remainers, are against a compromise.

An ERG source also made it clear today that if Mr Sunak makes a mistake over Brexit it could trigger a coup with Tory MPs “already nervous about the awful polling”.

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