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SNP expels MP Angus MacNeil as member after public bust-up with chief whip

PMQs: Speaker Hoyle shuts down SNP MP Angus MacNeil

The SNP has formally expelled suspended MP Angus MacNeil from its party membership after a public bust-up with their Westminster Chief Whip.

Mr MacNeil was sacked as an SNP MP a month ago after accusing the party’s chief parliamentary enforcer of bullying during a Commons vote.

He was seen rowing with Brendan O’Hara in the Commons voting lobbies, slamming him as a “small wee man” before throwing a ream of letters at him and marching off.

In response he lost the whip and has been sitting as an Independent MP ever since.

A letter from him shortly after, saying he wouldn’t try rejoining the party’s rank of MPs until they get “serious” about securing Scottish independence, saw his party membership also suspended.

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Late last night, the MP revealed he had been informed by the SNP’s Member Conduct Committee that he has been expelled as a rank and file party member.

Like some of Boris Johnson’s supporters’ attacks on the Privileges Committee, he appeared to accuse the party’s conduct committee of being a kangaroo court through the use of an emoji.

Mr MacNeil added: “I didn’t leave the SNP – the SNP have left me.”

“I wish they were as bothered about Scottish independence as they are about me!”

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The MP has represented the Na h-Eileanan an lar constituency since 2005, taking it from the Labour Party.

His island constituency has just 21,000 voters, with Mr MacNeil having a small 2,438 majority over Labour.

His formal party expulsion indicates he will not stand for the party at the next election, and will give Labour hope they can take the seat back.

The SNP is already facing an elections headache in the Rutherglen and Hamilton West by-election, after Margaret Ferrier lost the seat following a recall petition over her Covid rule-breaking.

The by-election will be a crucial test of Humza Yousaf’s election-winning potential after taking over from Nicola Sturgeon as SNP leader.

Given Ms Ferrier’s 5,000 majority, and the current Labour lead in the polls, it’s widely believed Labour should be in a position to win the by-election easily.

The SNP’s polling lead has fallen to low single digits over the Labour Party since Mr Yousaf took over.

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