Friday, 25 Sep 2020

Nicola Sturgeon scolded for stirring up border chaos ‘for the sake of it’ – ‘Grow up!’

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Scottish Secretary Alister Jack condemned Nicola Sturgeon for stirring up chaos over the coronavirus pandemic. The Government minister bashed the Scottish First Minister for trying “to be different for the sake of it” after different coronavirus rules were put in place for Scotland, creating “confusing messages”. He also blamed Ms Sturgeon’s “disgraceful” behaviour for leading to the protests this summer along the Scotland-England border.

Mr Jack told the Scottish Affairs Committee this morning that Ms Sturgeon had spread “confusion” across the country and “muddled the message” after implementing different rules in Scotland.

He said: “We are one UK Government, and three devolved administrations, but we are absolutely one country.

“We have borders that are geographic and not physical, and we need to stop the confusion.

“All the administrations in these weekly meetings we have, should be grown up and not be different for the sake of it to try further whatever agenda they have.”

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He continued: “It hasn’t brought anyone to a different outcome. On average, we are experiencing similar problems across the four nations.

“The different rules just make it harder and muddle the message. I see no logic in the rules being different.”

The Conservative Scottish Secretary went on to condemn Ms Sturgeon’s “untrue and totally unhelpful” claims that the virus rate was higher in England than Scotland.

He explained: “I think it was disgraceful at many points over the summer when the First Minister was not helping the situation at the border with people standing with banners.

“We saw it all on social media and on television what went on – saying that the English were not welcome.

“The idea was that the virus had all but gone in Scotland. The prevalence, to quote her, was ‘five times higher in England’.

“That statistic was repeated many times. It was totally untrue and totally unhelpful.”


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He went to claim the UK Statistics Authority said there was “absolutely no basis for it”.

He added: “It is that sort of conduct that leads to a bad feeling between us.”

Almost 300 people have tested positive for coronavirus in Scotland in the last 24 hours.

Nicola Sturgeon announced that 290 new infections have been recorded since yesterday, with no new deaths recorded.

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