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GB News guest in passionate pro-Brexit rallying speech for UK

Brexit: UK needs to 'see it through' says Cox

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The GB News panellist explained that no matter what, Britain voted for Brexit as he insisted ministers had the opportunity to look at Brexit again and see what can be done differently. He urged the Government to “stand by our guns” as the real impact of Britain’s withdrawal from the EU had been hindered by a succession of non-related crises. He also explained that he did not vote to leave the European Union but Britons had to figure it out the role they want the UK to hold internationally for themselves.

Mr Cox told GB News: “If it was the case we would be there now wouldn’t we?

“At the end of the day right, no matter what happened… We left, we Brexited.

“And I think that this is just very much of the moment because what we’re seeing now is this perfect storm of crisis after crisis after crisis.

“Of which, can all be impacted by Brexit, amongst a whole raft of other things, and it’s an opportunity now, to look at Brexit again and say, well what can we do differently?

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Mr Cox added: “Well, you know what we can do differently is we can just stand by our guns, I think and see this through because these storms… I mean there is a crisis every other day, so there will be a new crisis soon that maybe won’t be impacted by Brexit.

“Brexit hasn’t been given a chance yet, I don’t think it’s been given an opportunity.

“I didn’t vote for Brexit, but it’s here and I’m quite glad that we stuck with the vote and it was a democratic vote… We’re not going to go over that again.

“I’m quite glad we stuck with it and we’ve got to see it through now, it’s the only way we’re going to figure out if we can make it work for us.”

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Rishi Sunak says he ‘believes in Brexit’

The Office of Budget Responsibility published research which showed that Brexit had negatively impacted the British economy, despite claims from senior politicians that it would do otherwise. 

Following the release of the autumn statement last week, the OBR said in its report that Brexit “will result in the UK’s trade intensity being 15 percent lower in the long run than if the UK had remained in the EU.”

Trade intensity is a measure of a country’s integration with the world economy.

They continued: “The latest evidence suggests that Brexit has had a significant adverse impact on UK trade, via reducing both overall trade volumes and the number of trading relationships between UK and EU firms.”

Health Secretary Steve Barcley rejected suggestions the UK may revisit its trading arrangements with the EU to regain access to the single market over the weekend.

Mr Barclay told Sky News: “If you look at the Autumn Statement, what the Chancellor set out was our determination to maximise the growth opportunities in growth areas.

“In fact, there were specific announcements in the autumn statement in terms of solvency too.

“We’ve got a Prime Minister who, himself supported Brexit, I myself did and was Brexit secretary and worked very hard to maximise our control of our laws our borders, and our money.

“So it’s absolutely important that particularly in those high growth sectors such as financial services like the sciences and the green industries, that we really use the Brexit freedoms we have. And so I don’t recognise this story at all.”

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