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Election TV debate: What time is Boris Johnson vs Jeremy Corbyn on ITV tonight?

With the December 12 general election fast approaching, Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn will face off in an hour-long live debate on ITV tonight. The debate will be the first of the general election campaign to be televised.

What time is Boris Johnson vs Jeremy Corbyn on ITV tonight?

The election debate will be held at 8pm on Tuesday, November 19.

The show-off between the two leaders can be watched on ITV.

Hosted by news presenter Julie Etchingham, it will mark the first time since 2015 both the Labour and Conservative party leaders have taken part in a TV debate.


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How will the debate work?

The debate will last for one hour and be conducted in front of a live studio audience of about 200 people.

Mr Johnson and Mr Corbyn will have one minute each for their opening statements and 45 second for their closing statements.

The Labour leader will speak first in both cases after lots were drawn.

In the interim between those statements they will be asked questions posed by ITV viewers.

These people will be from various political backgrounds and across society.

What will the key subjects be?

  • Brexit
  • The economy
  • The NHS
  • Characters

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What time do the other general election TV debates start?

Johnson v Corbyn: The ITV Debate: Tuesday, November 19 at 8pm on ITV.

Sky News general election debate: Thursday, November 28, time TBC on Sky News.

The BBC Election Debate: Friday, November 29, time TBC on BBC.

The BBC Prime Ministerial Debate: Friday, December 6, time TBC on BBC.

Who will win the debate?

Betfair Exchange make it odds on Jeremy Corbyn come out on top of the first TV debate this evening.

The Labour leader is seeing odds at 4/6 with Mr Johnson at 11/10.

Debate Winner

  • Jeremy Corbyn: 4/6
  • Boris Johnson: 11/10

Who will win the general election?

  • Tory Majority: 8/15
  • No Overall Majority: 2/1
  • Labour Majority: 39/1
  • Lib Dems Majority: 569/1
  • Brexit Party Majority: 999/1

Betfair Exchange spokeswoman Katie Baylis said: “The Tories odds for an overall majority are the shortest they have been for two years – the punters on Betfair Exchange seemingly believe it’s a done deal!”

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