Wednesday, 17 Jul 2024

Ed Davey faces Brexit pressure as Remainers hijack conference

Sir Ed Davey is facing fresh Brexit pressure after a Remainer group flooded hotels at the Lib Dem conference with pro-EU door hangers.

Hundreds of delegates at a number of hotels in Bournemouth woke up to the door hangers which mimicked “do not disturb” and “please make up my room” signs.

The replica door hangers read: “Please make up our relationship with the EU.”

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It comes as Sir Ed has faced intense scrutiny over the party’s Brexit policy.

Sir Nick Harvey, CEO of the European Movement, said: “We will keep pushing all politicians and all parties to face the reality of Brexit, and as Ed Davey and his team wake up today and open their doors, we hope they will be reminded of the importance of this debate.”

Sir Ed has made clear that rejoining the EU is not currently on the table for the Liberal Democrats.

The Lib Dems have proposed a four-stage road map to “rebuild” the UK’s relationship with the EU, with the final step returning to the single market.

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There is an ultimate goal of full EU membership but no timeline has been set.

But many of the party faithful believe the Lib Dems should be pushing to rejoin the bloc as soon as possible.

The Liberal Democrats have turned their focus onto other issues such as sewage and the cost of living after returning just 11 MPs in the 2019 general election on a pledge to stop Brexit.

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