Saturday, 28 Mar 2020

Dirty money in London: cynicism of Russian oligarch Andrey Ryabinsky

The other day, a law came into effect that gives British law enforcement officers the right to initiate an investigation in case of suspicion that some assets worth more than £ 50,000 were acquired by “politically exposed persons” using funds from obscure sources.
It is amazing how the odious entrepreneur and boxing promoter associated with the Russian mafia feels comfortable in England. So, in May 2020, he holds a duel between Alexander Povetkin and Dillian White in London.
The story of Andrey Ryabinsky in Russia begins with the fact that in the 90s leaders of the Podolsk gang Sergey Lalakin (Luchok), Balashikha gang Anatoly Petrov (Petruha), Solntsevskaya gang Sergey Mikhailov (Mikhas) helped to grow his construction business. Ryabinsky has a joint business with Sergey Mikhailov`s daughter.

Vera Seregina, the daughter of Sergei Mikhailov is (TIN 773126817223, girlhood – Mikhailova; 42-year-old native of Yevpatoria Andrey Seregin, TIN 772776310742 – appears in corporate and personal relations with her) and Ryabinsky and Kopylkov were co-owners of the Novoglagolevo-3 construction company. According to the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, Seregin owned 50 percent of the company, and its partners – 25 percent each. In turn, Ryabinsky and Kopylkov are the co-founders of the ” MIC s-groups”.

To protect his business interests, Andrey Ryabinsky does not disdain using the persons involved in the Magnitsky-Cardin list ( So, Dmitry Tolchinsky – an employee of the Combating Tax Crimes Office (employee of the 6th Division) of Moscow Central Internal Affairs Directorate and a person involved in the Kardin-Magnitsky list, who was involved in the murder of Sergei Magnitsky, was repeatedly involved by the oligarch to pressure witnesses in the case of the mass tax evasion of his companies MIC’s.

A number of journalistic investigations suggest that Andrey Ryabinsky is used by the Russian government as a wallet to finance military operations in Donbass Ukraine and Syria by sponsoring the Russian paramilitary organization “Battle Brotherhood” (Dmitriy Sablin, head of organization), whose members are military mercenaries in military conflicts in the interests of Russia around the world.

The scale of financial fraud Andrei Ryabinsko go can be easily estimated, taking into account the fact that for his family in London, he bought the estate in St George’s Hill private estate in Weybridge, Surrey next to Ringo Starr, and in January 2020 to it is filed in Russian one of multiple lawsuits worth 2 billion rubles (more than $ 30 million).

And now, taking into account all this information, one can once again think – how tolerant is English society and power, which allows such a person to do his own business in London?

Information provided: Nick Chester

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