Thursday, 2 Feb 2023

Brigitte Macron ‘couldn’t wait’ to see 16-year-old Emmanuel at school

Emmanuel Macron's wife Brigitte addresses 2022 election

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Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte Macron will today meet with their US counterparts, President Joe Biden and Jill Biden, as part of their trip to the states. The French and US leaders are meeting to mark their countries’ longstanding friendship and alliance, and to discuss the ongoing in Ukraine, how to handle Russia, and what sorts of procedures are needed to contain and ever-growing China. On Thursday evening the four will convene for a state dinner, and the following morning, Mr Macron and Mr Biden will hold talks behind closed doors at the Oval Office. 

Attention will surround both the French and US Ladies, the spotlight perhaps a little more focused on Mrs Macron given the roots of her relationship with Mr Macron. 

The French First Lady, 69, is 25 years older than her husband, 44, who she first met when she was his school drama teacher in the Nineties.

In 2017, Brigitte admitted during an interview with ELLE France that she “couldn’t wait” to see Mr Macron during their work on a play together at a French Catholic school in the city of Amiens.

She claimed her feelings “seemed insane” as she and the future President worked for months on ‘The Art Of Comedy’ by Italian writer Eduardo De Filippo.

Brigitte told the magazine: “In that theatre workshop we wrote plays together – our relationship was one of artistic equality. It was when we worked on the Eduardo De Filippo play ‘The Art of Comedy’.

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“We wrote together on Friday nights – and by Saturday, I couldn’t wait for Friday to come around. I didn’t understand why. It seemed insane.”

The pair worked on the script until late at night, with both not having far to travel to get home.

Mr Macron lived in Amiens with his parents, both doctors, while Brigitte shared a nearby home with her husband and children.

In footage of the play being performed, a fresh-faced Mr Macron and Brigitte can be seen kissing one another on the cheek as the curtain came down.

Although Brigitte opened up about her and Mr Macron’s shared passion for drama, she claimed the schoolboy was never in her class at the school.

She said: “Emmanuel’s only fault is to be younger than me!

“It’s a joke between us; we don’t waste one minute worrying about the age difference.

“And by the way, Emmanuel was never in my class. Any fool who claims that I used to read his poems and his homework is lying.”

The First Lady claimed that after local rumours surfaced of her and Mr Macron’s love affair, she encouraged him to focus on his education.

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She said: “I was the one who insisted that Emmanuel go to Paris to finish his schooling.

“There was nothing between us at that time, but the spiteful gossip was already making the rounds.

“My only concern was my children, Sébastien, Laurence, and Tiphaine. Not the rest of the world.”

The couple eventually tied the knot in 2007, a decade before Mr Macron became President of France.

Meanwhile, though Mr Macron and Mr Biden are expected to discuss joint matters, the French President is thought to be preparing to take his US counterpart to task over his climate deal. 

Reports suggest Mr Macron will say Mr Biden’s climate law is a bad deal for Europe, and that European leaders remain concerned about the incentives as part of a vast new law on the climate that favours things like US-made climate technology, including electric vehicles. 

On Wednesday, Mr Macron criticised the legislation, known as the Inflation Reduction Act, during a lunch with US lawmakers and again during a speech at the French embassy. 

He said that while Mr Biden’s administration’s attempts to reduce the impact of climate change should be applauded, those same attempts will negatively effect European business.

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