Friday, 30 Oct 2020

Brexiteer lashes out at ‘intransigent’ EU avoiding profitable trade deal in furious tirade

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Conservative MP for Ipswich Tom Hunt argued the EU was being intransigent in the Brexit trade deal talks with the UK. Posting a video to his Twitter, Mr Hunt argued the UK wanted a simple trade agreement similar to that of Canada and South Korea. However, he noted the European Union was not yet prepared to treat the UK like an individual nation.

The MP said the bloc was ultimately preventing a beneficial trade deal being agreed.

He said: “I am glad that the Prime Ministers fighting for the British interest.

“It is a shame that the European Union has taken a pretty intransigent approach to reach negotiations.

“All that we are asking for as a country is a similar deal to the kind of deal that Canada has, the kind of deal that South Korea has.

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“I still don’t think the European Union respects the fact that we are determined to become a fully sovereign country again.

“Rest assured I’ll be making those points this week, as well as standing up for Ipswich in lots of different other ways as well.”

Mr Hunt said: “When it comes to Brexit, I have always been very clear.

“Ipswich voted to leave the EU and as it happens I also voted to leave the EU.

“I know that one of the reasons why I was elected as your MP was to get Brexit done.”

Mr Hunt noted that regardless of the current status of the Brexit trade deal talks, by the end of the year there will be more clarity.

He said: “I have already voted to get Brexit done, we’ve left the EU but at the end of this December, the transition period will end and we’ll know with certainty what our future relationship will look like with the European Union.

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“My strong view is that Brexit needs to happen properly and not just in name only.

“That must mean we have full control over our money, our laws and our borders.

“That is what I’ll be speaking up for and voting for this week.”

Boris Johnson Brexit Withdrawl Agreement bill has moved into its next stage in Parliament after MPs voted 340 to 263 to back it last week.

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