Tuesday, 22 Sep 2020

Audience member skewers ‘liar’ Boris Johnson with perfect three-word heckle

An audience member humiliated Boris Johnson this evening when he attempted a typically buffoonish response to her question about his lying.

On tonight's leaders' debate on BBC One, an audience member asked Mr Johnson "in the era of fake news, what punishment is appropriate for elected politicians who lie during political campaigns?"

Mr Johnson attempted to reply with one of his typically dismissive, humorous asides.

He began to reply "they should be made to go on their hands and knees, through the Chamber of Commons…" – before he was interrupted by a voice from the audience who skewered him with a perfectly-put three words.

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"Go on then," she said.

Several people in the audience erupted into laughter at the suggestion that the PM should get on his hands and knees for his lies.

He famously splashed a lie on the side of his Brexit bus in 2016, stating that we send the EU £350million a week, money which could be spent on the NHS instead.

We recently compiled a list of 43 lies, gaffes and scandals that make Boris Johnson unfit to rule.

The sheer weight shows a pattern of behaviour that shames our nation.

And they are a handy reminder of why you might want to think twice when heading to vote on December 12.

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