Sunday, 13 Jun 2021

Angus Robinson’s brutal put down on ex-leader Alex Salmond ‘tells all you need to know’

Alex Salmond and Alba criticised by Angus Robertson

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Angus Robertson took a swipe at Alex Salmond and his Alba party during an interview on the Scottish Parliamentary elections when the SNP heavyweight was asked his opinions on his former party leader. But Mr Robertson did not accept the premise that Mr Salmond was responsible for where the SNP are today and bluntly put down the politician. Mr Robertson said people only needed to look at the election results to see how well-liked Mr Salmond actually is. 

The interview, conducted before the full Scottish election results were announced, looked at the SNP’s claim it could hold an independence referendum if it secured a majority in Holyrood.

They say securing 65+ seats means they have a mandate to hold another independence vote. 

In early vote counts, it was revealed the Alba party won 743 votes for the regional list in Donside – around 2 percent of the vote. 

Polling expert Professor John Curtice predicted before the election Alba may deny the SNP an overall majority due to votes splitting but added Mr Salmond’s party may not secure any seats themselves. 

Speaking on Sky News, Mr Robertson discussed Alba’s election campaign and its successes and failures. 

Journalist Adam Boulton asked the SNP politician, who won Conservative Ruth Davidson’s seat in the recent election: “One final question on Alex Salmond, of course a man you know well, who really is possibly responsible for you being here or the SNP being as strong as they are. 

“What are your thoughts on him as his political career appears to fade?”

Mr Robertson quickly interjected and replied: “The SNP is as strong as it is because of Nicola Sturgeon and I am delighted that she has led the SNP to its best ever election success we believe at this stage.

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“The fact that Alex Salmond and Alba have failed at the polls tells you everything you need to know.”

Mr Robertson has been a vocal critic of Mr Salmond and his political party stating his desire to run for office again was more about “ego” than independence. 

Earlier this year, Ms Sturgeon was involved in Mr Salmond’s Holyrood inquiry which sought to figure out the problems surrounding investigating his harassment claims which he was acquitted of.

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Mr Salmond claims there was a plot against him from senior SNP members as they were “frightened” of him returning to political life. 

The Holyrood committee found Ms Sturgeon broke the ministerial code stating she lied to parliament over details surrounding when she first heard of Mr Salmond harassment allegations.

Mr Robertson had been a close supporter of Ms Sturgeon during her investigation. 

The SNP leader also won her seat of Glasgow Southside with 19,735 votes beating Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar who was also standing in the consitiuency. 

Mr Sarwar received a total of 9,456 votes. 

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