Tuesday, 23 Apr 2024

'Veep' Star Sam Richardson Says Dates Agreeing on Politics Trumps Great Sex

Veep” star Sam Richardson says he knows one sure thing that’ll make a man’s pecker shrivel like a frightened turtle … dating someone with opposing political views.

We got Sam out in L.A. and had to ask him about a new study that says millennials care more about their date’s politics than great sex. The study — conducted by OkCupid — found now more than ever, both men and women prioritize their dates’ political beliefs over their mastery in the sack.

Sam — best known as Selina Meyer‘s trusted aide-turned-chief-of-staff on the HBO hit comedy — says he agrees with OkCupid’s study … especially in this political climate. Our camera guy pushes him and asks if great sex could be what brings both sides together.

But, check out the vid … Sam’s got a message for those who are currently dating or in a relationship with someone who has opposing political views. Spoiler alert … ya might not like what he has to say.

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