Wednesday, 24 Apr 2024

Unearthed video shows Kevin Durant is ‘never’ coming to Knicks

Here to shatter the dreams of a 2019-20 Knicks roster featuring Kevin Durant is …

2017 Kevin Durant.

The Warriors superstar and pending free agent, whose offseason whims will captivate the basketball world and have kept Knicks fans guessing, did not entertain the prospect of playing his home games at the Garden in the past.

In a purportedly two-year-old video unearthed this weekend that has since made the rounds, Durant, man on the street, is asked by fans when he will be joining the Knicks. He needed a single word.

“Never,” Durant responds.

A lot changes in a week for Durant, much less in two years, and the Knicks are hoping that’s the case. Having already traded Kristaps Porzingis, they have cleared enough cap space for two max spots, dreams of Durant and Kyrie Irving, along with a top draft pick, swimming in their heads.

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