Thursday, 18 Apr 2024

Pedophile faints after getting 260-year prison sentence

He was sick enough to sexually abuse two 6-year-old girls and even molest a 3-week-old baby, but he didn’t have the stomach for his sentence — 260 years behind bars.

Monster Thomas Goodman fainted in court in Rhode Island after landing the massive prison term — which was about 160 years more than prosecutors had sought. He remained passed out on a table for a few minutes, according to the Epoch Times.

“The level of depravity is beyond comprehension,’’ Judge John McConnell said in sentencing the sicko Friday.

Prosecutor Lee Vilker noted that the 45-year-old Goodman, who lives in Warwick, had left his victims “permanently scarred.”

The pedophile molested the 6-year-old victims for six years. The children are now 16.

He also filmed himself sexually abusing an infant girl starting when she was just 3 weeks old until she was 18 months — and even posted some of the sickening footage online.

Goodman said in court that he had “no excuse’’ for his heinous crimes.

He was caught when his bosses took his cellphone away because he was caught using it at work and they found some of the horrific images on it. Goodman worked at Electric Boat, a submarine manufacturer.

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