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Over 10,000 motorbikers protest at Philippines' new plate regulation

MANILA (REUTERS) – More than 10,000 motorcycle riders staged a motorcade on Sunday (March 24) in the main highways of the Philippine capital Manila to protest at new regulations forcing them to display bigger licence plates, saying the measure would not solve the problem.

Cases of murders, robberies and other crimes perpetrated by people on motorbikes have been rampant in the Philippines, as more and more people turn to using motorbikes because the roads are so congested.

President Rodrigo Duterte signed the measure into law this month, requiring all licenced motorbikes to display bigger front and rear plates to make them more visible to the authorities and any witnesses to crimes.

At present, registration plates are displayed only on the back.

Under the law, the font style of plates should be readable from a distance of 15 metres. For quick and easy identification, the plates need to be color coded for each of the country’s 17 regions.

“This is not a solution for crime because a criminal will not use his own motorcycle. This is why the riding community should fight the double plate bill,” protester Joseph De Los Reyes said.

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