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Novak Djokovic is loud

La La Is Running (Or Maybe Walking) Her First 5K For A Great Cause: 'I'm Going One K At A Time'

PAUL THOMAS on… Boris's lockdown dithering

PAUL THOMAS on… Boris’s lockdown dithering

To order a print of this Paul Thomas cartoon or one by Pugh, visit or call 0191 6030 178.

Bus crash in Russia kills 6, injures 15 others

MOSCOW — A bus crashed into a bus stop in Russia’s Sverdlovsk region on Thursday morning, killing six people and injuring 15 others, local officials said.

The bus was carrying workers to a plant in the town of Lesnoy about 1,350 kilometers (840 miles) east of Moscow. According to officials, the vehicle’s brakes failed and it rammed through the plant’s gate and ran into people at a bus stop nearby.

A criminal probe has been launched into the incident.

Take Your Outdoor Dinners to the Next Level This Spring With Theme Nights

Yakult Introduces New Ice Cream Made With Its Classic Formula

Fans of Yakult will be delighted to learn that the probiotic drink company is expanding its range of products for the summertime.

Now consumers can get their daily dose of the bowel-moving formula in ice cream form. A store has opened up in Japan’sShibuya 109 building where it is serving a number of different Yakult ice cream concoctions as well as takeaway tubs of the sweet treat. Those in Japan can visit the store from now until August.

In other food news, Pringles’ new Wavy Pineapple Habanero will transport you to a tropical getaway.

More Than 200 Never Before And Rarely Seen Jean-Michel Basquiat Paintings Are Coming To New York

More Than 200 Never Before And Rarely Seen Jean-Michel Basquiat Paintings Are Coming To New York

I just want to keep hearing the raucous din of Islanders games

Kevin help us!

Navy won’t let a Black football player go to the NFL and everyone is to blame

Aaron Rodgers doesn’t owe the fans a damn thing

Rookie umpire throws bat, hits José Abreu squarely in knee

I know y’all hate Rudy Gobert, but he deserves this DPOY award

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Are Trying to "Keep the Peace" in the Royal Fam After Lilibet's Arrival

Ever heard the phrase, “a baby is a blessing”? Well it seems like that couldn’t be any more true for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle after welcoming their daughter, Lilibet Diana, last week. Lilibet, according to multiple reports, seems to be a unifying bundle of joy for the fam, and even better? She’s inspiring mom and dad to keep things “civil” with the rest of the royals, according to Us Weekly.

9 Of Gabrielle Union And Kaavia's Best #TwinningWithMommy Moments

Two adults, child dead after shooter opens fire inside Florida supermarket

A shooter opened fire inside of a Florida Publix supermarket Thursday, leaving two adults and one child dead, authorities said.

The Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office responded to the Royal Palm Beach grocery store inside of the The Crossroads complex and upon arrival, found an adult male, adult female and one child dead of gunshot wounds, the agency wrote on Twitter.

One of the deceased was the shooter, cops said, adding that the incident was “NOT an active shooter situation.”

Further details were not immediately available. 

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Fans Are Wondering If K. Michelle Had Plastic Surgery Following Recent Photos

Novak Djokovic is loud

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