Tuesday, 10 Dec 2019

Jameela Jamil Had Thoughts On Karl Lagerfeld’s Legacy

Fashion legend and salty bitch Karl Lagerfeld died yesterday, and I think it may be the only time we ever see Anna Wintour shed a tear since she’s now the undisputed Queen B of fashion. Oh, wait. Choupette is still alive. Better luck next time, Anna. Most celebs did what celebs do best, and that’s to use a death to show off themselves rocking a certain lewk and casually mention how devastated they are in a mild tone-deaf caption – but not Jameela Jamil!

She used Karl’s death day to say she wouldn’t be wasting any minutes mourning someone who once called Adele fat and said Kim Kardashian only had herself to blame for her Parisian robbery. Cara Delevingne, a Chanel muse, then had to wade in and defend Kunty Karl.

Page Six says the “fun” began when Jameela first retweeted an article that basically asked why anyone was mourning someone who was kinda the OG bully of the fashion world:

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