Saturday, 26 Sep 2020

Fastest stretch limousine in the WORLD is on sale for £160,000 – converted from a Ferrari

NYC extends fee caps on Grubhub, Uber Eats

The New York City Council on Thursday extended emergency legislation slashing what food delivery apps can charge Big Apple restaurants during the pandemic.

Bills capping what apps like Grubhub and UberEats can charge for facilitating a takeout order or food delivery had been set to expire in September. On Thursday, the city council agreed to extend the caps until 90 days after restaurants are able to start serving diners again indoors at maximum capacity, which isn’t expected to happen until at least next year.

The vote comes a week after Grubhub launched a campaign urging New Yorkers to fight the fee caps by claiming that it will make their takeout orders cost more.

The Chicago-based company, which also owns Seamless, took out targeted digital ads in the districts of council members who support the caps, including Speaker Corey Johnson, councilmen Francisco Moya and Mark Gjonaj, chairman of the small business committee that spearheaded the legislation. The ads describe the caps as a “food delivery tax” that will make takeout orders more expensive and encourages consumers to sign a petition opposing the caps.

“The Council will not be bullied by well-funded companies seeking to take advantage of a city in crisis,” Gjonaj said on Thursday before the council vote.

“It’s an absurd strategy by Grubhub,” Moya added. “If that’s how they want to spend their money villainizing us, New Yorkers see right through it.”

The legislation also extends a ban aimed specifically at Grubhub’s practice of charging fees for telephone orders that don’t result in a take out order.

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RPT-Tokyo Aug core CPI falls 0.3% yr/yr

(Repeats to additional alerts)

TOKYO, Aug 28 (Reuters) – Core consumer prices in Tokyo fell 0.3% in August from a year earlier, government data showed on Friday.

The core consumer price index for Japan’s capital, which includes oil products but excludes fresh food prices, compared with economists’ median estimate for a 0.3% annual rise.

Amazon's Alexa has learnt hundreds of regional British words and phrases

ALEXA has learnt hundreds of regional words and phrases.

Amazon’s virtual assistant can now understand the likes of ‘aye up’ for ‘hello’ or ‘ta-ra’ for ‘goodbye’.

It also offers alternatives for bread roll, tea and underwear when asked, “Alexa, what are the regional words for…”

Users can even hear a range of names for woodlice, such as slaters, cheeselogs, gramersows and granny greys.

Programmers have been working on the dialects at Amazon’s centre in Cambridge.

Language expert Susie Dent, who came up with the variations for the device, said: “Our local languages are constantly evolving and changing.

"I’m delighted to teach Alexa new words and encourage everyone to converse more with each other to learn the quirks of our language.”

Amazon’s Eric King, said: “It has been fun teaching Alexa about the diversity of regional British dialects.”

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Cramer's lightning round: It's not too late to get in Generac

  • It's that time again! "Mad Money" host Jim Cramer rings the lightning round bell, which means he's giving his answers to callers' stock questions at rapid speed.

Generac: "The stock is up huge, but it's still not too late because our power grid is failing so badly in this country that Generac is the answer."

Energy Transfer: "No, that balance sheet is from hell."

Switch: "It's good. I mean, you know, they didn't blow their numbers away, but it's just a good, steady business. I was going to counter with Vertiv … but I like yours. I think it's good."

Centene: "It's a political year … Let's just give [the company] a little more time … I don't want you to leave that one."

Cisco Systems: "It's just not their moment. … I think you're fine."


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Fastest stretch limousine in the WORLD is on sale for £160,000 – converted from a Ferrari

THE quickest stretch limo in the world is on sale for £160,000.

An Australian limousine company called Exotic Limo has just listed for sale the ultimate transportation limo.

The company has converted a 2003 Ferrari Modena into a beautiful and original stretch limo in 2012 which they boast as the worlds fastest limo.

It can carry two people in its front sports seats and eight passengers in the back cabin.

The passengers can enjoy a cinematic surround sound system, a bar, multiple televisions and flamboyant led lighting.

To access get in and out it has two gulf wing doors.

The limo conversion added over 2,400 pounds to the Ferrari’s original fighting weight and the 3.6-liter, 400-horsepower V8 was untouched.

It’s available for £216,000.

The limousine can reach 60mph in six seconds and can hit maximum speeds of 166mph.

It currently holds the Guinness World Record for the fastest limousine in the world.

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