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Credit card age is often considered — even if it’s been closed

Walmart to Temporarily Reduce Operating Hours Amid Coronavirus

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Walmart Inc. will cut the operating hours of its stores and neighborhood markets starting March 15 to 6am-11pm until further notice, according to a statement from Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Dacona Smith.

The shift is to ensure “associates are able to stock the products” that customers are looking for, especially for sanitizing purposes, Smith said. Stores currently operating under more reduced hours will keep their current hours.

Walmart’s supply chain and trucking fleet will continue to move products and deliver to stores on regular schedules, Smith said.

OPP say man found dead outside hospital clinic connected to shooting near Collingwood

Provincial police have taken over the investigation into a man found suffering from gunshot wounds outside a hospital clinic in Toronto’s north end earlier this month.

Toronto police were patrolling the area of Woodward Avenue and Uphill Avenue on March 2 around 2:30 a.m. when they found a man suffering from gunshot wounds on a snowbank.

He was pronounced dead on scene and he has been identified as 36-year-old Rohan Rose, of Toronto.

Coronavirus: South Korea reports 76 new cases, total 8,162

SEOUL (REUTERS) – South Korea reported 76 new coronavirus cases on Sunday (March 15), bringing the country’s total to 8,162 with 75 deaths, the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC) said.

The latest numbers are in line with a downward trend in new cases, down from the 107 recorded on Saturday.

Venezuela to Cancel More Flights, Announce Quarantine on Sunday

Venezuela will temporarily suspend flights from Panama and the Dominican Republic, essentially cutting off the nation from most of the world, Information Minister Jorge Rodriguez said Saturday.

Flights from Europe and neighboring Colombia were already suspended earlier this week, narrowing the country’s remaining air connections to about a handful, including Turkey and Cuba.

Rodriguez pleaded with Venezuelans to remain home as eight additional cases of Covid-19 were detected across the country on Saturday, bringing the total to 10. “Help us help you,” Rodriguez said in a televised address from the presidential palace. “If you want to take care of your family, stay home.”

President Nicolas Maduro will announce regional quarantine measures on Sunday, Rodriguez said. Maduro declared a state of emergency on Friday, suspending schools, mass gatherings and requiring subway and commuter train users to wear face masks.

T-Mobile to Temporarily Close Indoor Mall Stores From Monday

T-Mobile US Inc. will temporarily close all its stores located inside shopping malls from Monday amid the novel coronavirus spread, according to a statement.

The U.S. wireless carrier has not made a decision on when to re-open the stores. The move comes in response to guidance around social distancing, it said. The policy affects all T-Mobile and Metro by T-Mobile stores, including dealerships, that are located inside a shopping mall, the company said.

Employees whose jobs allow them to do so have been encouraged to work from home, according to the statement, while the company will compensate those that work in indoor mall shops until at least the end of the month.

Japan coronavirus infections rise to 1,484: NHK

TOKYO (REUTERS) – The number of coronavirus infections in Japan rose to 1,484 on Sunday (March 15), increasing by a faster pace than the previous day, public broadcaster NHK reported.

The total number of infections includes 697 from the Diamond Princess cruise ship and 14 returnees on charter flights from China, according to NHK data.

Deaths in the country related to the virus stand at 29, up one from the previous day. The total number of deaths include 7 from the cruise ship.

‘Dear John’ helps make the world a little fairer, reader says

Dear John: I read your column regularly and appreciate what you do to alleviate the unfairness and frustration the average person shares when trying to deal with a business or organization.

I believe there should be a consumer information source that lists the contact info for various organizations that supervise and/or regulate consumer consumption.

Company websites deliberately make it very difficult to get comments to a person, ombudsmen, advocate or corporate executive. Is there a website where one can post comments across a broad spectrum of media outlets? D.Z.

Dear D.Z.: The website Yelp, of course, is one road to go. Post a complaint there, and maybe the company will take notice. Angie’s List and similar sites also help. And you can always spread the (bad) news on Facebook or Twitter. The list is endless.

In fact, I think it might be a little too easy these days to file a complaint and tarnish someone’s reputation.

But this is the most important thing. Aside from venting your frustrations, I’m not sure how much good any of these sites are at getting a problem solved.

I’m glad The Post is making the world a little fairer with the “Dear John” column. But, really, that’s what the media is supposed to do — although I don’t think it’s done enough in this day and age.

Credit card age is often considered — even if it’s been closed

Dear John: Jeff Richardson here from VantageScore.

I thought I’d briefly point out that our models do in many cases consider the credit history and age of closed credit card accounts. As with many things, it depends on what else resides in a person’s credit file.

But it is not correct to state that the age of the closed credit card account is not considered universally. I have connected with Ted Rossman [from, who was quoted in the column] and he understands the nuance.

Dear Jeff: Thanks for the clarification.

Since VantageScore is one of the leading organizations that gives people their credit scores, I guess you would know.

Readers: I’m going to leave the Nano hearing aid giveaway open for a few more days. But already there are over 800 people who have requested a pair of the free devices.

Here, again, are the rules: If you need hearing aids and can’t afford them, tell us your story in an email to [email protected] Request deadline is March 18.

Representatives from Nano will decide who gets the devices based on need and inability to buy them for yourself.

Please send emails to that address only. Don’t email me. Don’t call me. Don’t send me a letter. I will not forward your requests.

You’ll know soon the lucky winners of the Nano hearing aids. The company will only notify the people who won.

Good luck.

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