Monday, 6 Dec 2021

White paper reveals China's principles on tackling climate change

BEIJING (XINHUA) – China has formulated new principles on tackling climate change and is contributing its solutions to global climate governance, according to a white paper released Wednesday (Oct 27) by the State Council Information Office.

In tackling climate change, China advocates building a strong sense of common community, actively implements the new development philosophy and takes a people-centred approach, said the white paper titled Responding to Climate Change: China’s Policies and Actions.

Regarding the goal of achieving carbon neutrality as a must-do to relieve the resource and environment constraints, the country has incorporated it into its overall economic and social development, adopting a holistic approach and balancing the relationships between economic growth and emissions reduction, the white paper said.

China sees pollution prevention and control as an integral part of the response to climate change, striving to synergize the reduction of pollution and carbon emissions through structural adjustment, optimised configuration, policy synergy and innovative mechanisms, it said.

China’s target of achieving peak emissions by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2060, set by President Xi Jinping, it is not easy for China to realise, the white paper said .

The white paper said to go from carbon peak to carbon neutrality in 30 years, China will complete the world’s highest reduction in carbon emission intensity in the shortest time in history, the Global Times reported.

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