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Tight security expected between Nov 13-15 near Suntec, venue of 33rd Asean Summit

SINGAPORE – The vicinity around Suntec Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Centre(Suntec), where the 33rd Asean Summit and related summits will be held next week, has been designated an “Enhanced Security Special Event Area”.

Security is expected to be tight within this special event area, the police said in an announcement on Monday evening (Nov 5).

Leaders from 10 South-east Asian countries, along with counterparts from China, US, Japan and Russia, will be participating in the summit from Nov 13 to 15.

To ensure public safety and security, restrictions have been imposed on people entering the special event area.

They are prohibited from carrying flammable material, explosives and loud hailers, among others. They are also banned from flying drones into the area.

A police spokesman said: “…It is an offence to take any prohibited item into this area. The police will conduct checks on persons for such items within the Enhanced Security Special Event Area.”

Anyone found with the contraband can be arrested. The person can subsequently be fined a maximum of $20,000 or jailed up to 12 months, or both.

Organisers of all public assemblies and processions within the Enhanced Security Special Event Area must apply for permits from the police.

Another layer of security measures will be enforced closer to the Suntec summit venue.

Located within the Enhanced Security Special Event Area, a Special Zone has been demarcated by the police where additional security checks and screening can be conducted on vehicles or persons entering it.

The police are authorised to refuse entry of any person or vehicle into the Special Zone, or have them removed.

On Monday afternoon, heavily-armed police officers were seen patrolling around the summit venue.

The officers comprised quick-reaction units from Special Operations Command, Emergency Response Team and In-Situ Reaction Team. Mobile surveillance cameras were also seen near the summit venue.

The police are urging the public to cooperate and comply with all orders issued by officers on the ground.

“Anyone who engages in activities that can compromise security within the Enhanced Security Special Event Area and the Special Zone will be dealt with firmly, in accordance with the law,” a police spokesman said.

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