Saturday, 19 Sep 2020

SIA plane among 8 Boeing 787 jets affected by structural issues; aircraft currently not in service

SINGAPORE – A Singapore Airlines (SIA) plane is among eight Boeing 787 Dreamliner jets found to have two manufacturing defects that will affect the aircraft’s structure.

SIA said on Friday (Aug 28) that it is aware that one of its Boeing 787-10 planes was affected by the technical issue.

“The aircraft is not in service and we will work closely with Boeing on a solution,” it said.

Aviation news website The Air Current had on Thursday reported that Boeing had asked airlines to pull the batch of eight affected planes from service.

It said the eight affected planes were all built in the last few years, and cited United Airlines and Air Canada as the other airlines affected by the issue.

Boeing told the website that the two distinct manufacturing issues would in combination “result in a condition that does not meet our design standards”.

It said all affected planes must be inspected and repaired before they can be used again.

The Air Current also reported that the issues could lead to the structure in the rear of an affected plane being unable to withstand the maximum stress that will be experienced while flying.

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