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Pokemon, Tamagotchi collaboration announced

Have you always wanted to be able to take care of your own Pokemon, and bring it out with you?

Wait no longer, as an official collaboration will bring to consumers the first ever Pokemon Tamagotchi.

The toy will allow owners to take care of their very own Eevee, a Pokemon that is known for its cute looks and potential to evolve into eight different creatures.

The new Tamagotchis launched will come in two forms, with “I love you, Eevee” and “Colourful friends” designs in yellow and pink shells respectively.

Tamagotchi are virtual pocket pets that were all the rage in the 1990s.

The collaboration between Tamagotchi and Pokemon was confirmed on Wednesday (Nov 22), reported technology news and media network The Verge.

According to the official Tamagotchi website, this new release will also include variations for Eevee that are exclusive to the collaboration and are not seen before in the existing games. The original eight evolutions will also be available.

The toys are slated for release in Japan on Jan 26, 2019. The website’s recommended retail price is 2,300 yen (S$27.94).

This is not the first time The Pokemon Company has ventured into creating a physical digital pet for players.

A Pocket Pikachu was released in 1998, following the success of Tamagotchi.

In 2010, the PokeWalker was launched as a pedometer that displayed a tiny Pikachu.

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