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Over 5 years' jail for woman who masterminded attack that left 2 victims with 2nd degree burns

SINGAPORE – Incensed after watching a video of her younger brother being assaulted, a woman plotted revenge on two people linked to the attack and poured hot water on the pair after luring them into her home.

As a result, the two victims, Ms Nur Farahtika Omar, 27 and her older brother, Mr Muhammad Faizal Omar, 29, suffered second degree burns on their bodies.

The offender, Norhayati Jaffar, now 37, was sentenced to five years and four months’ jail on Tuesday (Oct 13) after pleading guilty to one count of assaulting Mr Faizal with hot water.

She also admitted to three unrelated drug-related offences, including methamphetamine consumption.

Three other charges, including a second count of assault involving Ms Farahtika, were considered during sentencing.

Norhayati was the third and last person linked to the attack at Block 2 Spooner Road near Jalan Bukit Merah to be dealt with in court.

Muhammad Bakhtiyar Jaffar, 35, was sentenced to 10 weeks’ jail earlier this year while her friend, Nurhanifah Juma’at, 28, was jailed for 15 months last year.

The court heard that Norhayati was celebrating Hari Raya at her home on July 7, 2018 when a friend showed her a video of Mr Faizal and some of his relatives assaulting one of her younger brothers, Mr Muhammad Putera Shafiellah Jaffar.

The video also showed Ms Farahtika watching the attack from nearby.

Seeking revenge, Norhayati invited Mr Faizal and Ms Farahtika to her flat, claiming that it was for a Hari Raya celebration.

She then roped in Bakhtiyar, who is also her younger brother, and asked Nurhanifah to film the confrontation. Shortly before their victims arrived, Norhayati told Nurhanifah to boil some water and the younger woman complied.

Norhayati locked the front gate when Mr Faizal and Ms Farahtika arrived at around 12.30am on July 8, 2018. She and Bakhtiyar then assaulted the pair while Nurhanifah filmed the incident.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Bjorn Tan said: “During the accused’s assault on Farahtika, she grabbed a jug of recently-boiled hot water from the kitchen and poured the said hot water onto Farahtika’s neck, back, and right ear.

“Thereafter, the accused struck Farahtika’s neck with the said jug. Farahtika fell on the ground. The accused repeatedly hit Farahtika with a bamboo stick, while Bakhtiyar repeatedly pummelled and kicked Faizal who was curled up in a foetal position on the floor.”

Somehow, Ms Farahtika managed to flee from the flat, leaving her older brother behind.

Norhayati and Bakhtiyar then rained blows on Mr Faizal before Norhayati poured hot water on the left side of their victim’s body.

He sprang from the floor screaming in pain and ran out of the ground floor flat via the back door.

The two victims later went to Singapore General Hospital where they were found with second degree burns. The police were alerted on July 13, 2018.

Separately, Norhayati also admitted to two drug consumption charges and one count of failing to turn up for a urine test last year.

On Tuesday, defence lawyer R Dilip Kumar pleaded for leniency, telling the court that his client is a single mother of four. He added that Norhayati misses her children who are now with her parents.

For assaulting a victim with hot water, an offender can be jailed for up to seven years and fined or caned. Norhayati cannot be caned as she is a woman.

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