Thursday, 13 Jun 2024

No-fly zone, military drill ban near Korean border take effect

NORTH KOREA (REUTERS) – The next step towards peace for the Koreas – the heavily militarised border between the two is now a no-fly zone and military drills near this area have officially been banned.

The measures came into effect on Thursday (Nov 1), as part of a military accord inked during last month’s Pyongyang summit.

That agreement aims to stop quote “all hostile acts” and eventually remove all guard posts and landmines within the demilitarised zone. But Washington still is not too happy about this deal; it says the bans could undercut defense readiness, especially because it would effectively bar air support drills. 

It’s also raised concerns about the slow progress on North Korea’s denuclearisation, something Kim Jong Un had promised during his summit with Donald Trump.

Since then, Pyongyang’s actions have fallen short of US demands, which includes a full disclosure of nuclear facilities and materials.

But new steps may be coming soon.

South Korea’s spy agency said Pyongyang is preparing for international inspections at some of its nuclear facilities. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also said he will be meeting with his North Korean counterpart next week.

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