Sunday, 17 Jan 2021

Jail for guard who got drunk on shift, hurled abuse at cops

While he was out on bail for breaching Covid-19 measures, a 30-year-old got drunk with his friends in the middle of his shift as a security officer, and later shouted profanities at police officers after being taken to hospital.

Yesterday, Kumaran Roy Rajendran was sentenced to one week in jail and a $4,700 fine for his various offences.

The court heard that at about 1.50pm on April 18, Kumaran went to a market at Commonwealth Crescent without a mask, using his shirt to cover his mouth.

Three SG Clean ambassadors approached him, but he insisted that his shirt was sufficient.

He then tried to order food from a hawker stall but the stallholder refused to serve him.

Agitated, he used vulgarities on one of the SG Clean ambassadors.

Another ambassador then called the police.

Kumaran walked directly to the second ambassador and pushed the 39-year-old man on the shoulder before leaving the market.

He was subsequently arrested, charged on May 15 with breaking Covid-19 rules, and released on bail.

Just nine days later, on May 24, Kumaran sneaked out for drinks with his friends at 3am, during his night shift as a security guard at Science Park Drive.

Some two hours later, he fell near his security post in a drunken stupor and paramedics were called. He was taken to National University Hospital (NUH).

When he came to, he became agitated at NUH staff when he could not find his belongings, prompting security officers at the hospital to call the police.

As he reeked of alcohol, the police tried to arrest him on suspicion that he had breached liquor consumption rules. But Kumaran resisted arrest and, owing to his large size, it took three police officers and two security officers to subdue him and escort him to the police car.

While locked up at the Police Cantonment Complex, he hurled expletives at police officers in Hokkien and English.

Kumaran was convicted of four charges related to breaching Covid-19 rules, using criminal force on the SG Clean ambassador, breaching regulations of the private security industry and harassing police officers while they were executing their duty. Three other charges were taken into consideration during sentencing.

In sentencing Kumaran, who was not represented, District Judge Jasvender Kaur acknowledged the severity of Kumaran drinking on the job. With regard to his refusal to wear a mask, she said: “(Wearing a mask) is not only mandated but it is in essence a simple act of caring for one another during this pandemic.”

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