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Do the Puddle Hop: Greater Singapore Workout launches to keep the nation fit

SINGAPORE – A quarter of a century ago, more than 26,000 people gathered on The Padang to take part in a mass exercise event that would enter that year’s Guinness Book of Records as the largest mass aerobic session held in one location.

Led by then-Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong, it signalled the launch of the Great Singapore Workout – an exercise routine which was part of a National Healthy Lifestyle campaign featuring a theme song urging Singaporeans to “get out of your seat, on to your feet, and get your bodies moving”.

On Sunday (Nov 11), the Health Promotion Board (HPB) launched a new improved version of the routine – The Greater Singapore Workout – with the same aims, to mark the event’s 25th anniversary.

The basic aerobic programme, designed to suit people of all ages, is made up of 11 exercises.

It incorporates familiar elements such as the marching and overhead clap from the original, as well as new moves.

These include the Teh Tarik – which mimics the pulling motion performed by vendors of the popular beverage – as well as the Puddle Hop, where participants have to jump as though crossing a puddle.

More than 50 members of the public performed the updated workout – together with President Halimah Yacob as well as HPB chief executive Zee Yoong Kang and HPB chairman Philip Lee – at the closing event of the HPB’s month-long Healthy Lifestyle Festival SG, held at the Singapore Sports Hub.

HPB’s Mr Lee said: “We find a lot of people in Singapore, especially those who are working, tend to be very sedentary.”

He added that the new workout will also be incorporated into the HPB’s free regular public physical activity programmes.

HPB will also be reaching out to all 89 constituencies here to introduce it as an exercise routine at community events. 

Madam Halimah said the message behind it was simple – to exercise regularly to keep healthy. “Eat healthily, live healthily, exercise regularly, that’s my advice,” she said.

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