Thursday, 4 Jun 2020

Opinion | Trump vs. the Impeachment Inquiry

To the Editor:

Re “Vowing Defiance, White House Says Inquiry Is Invalid” (front page, Oct. 9):

Once again, President Trump reacts as he always has when anyone has dared to cross him: with a vicious attack, this time directed against nothing less than the United States Constitution. How dare he proclaim that the impeachment process is illegitimate when he has proved himself to be an entirely illegitimate president.

The Democrats in the House must not back down in pursuit of his illegal and unconstitutional acts, which threaten our democracy to the core. No softening, no retreating, no turning back from protecting our elections and our country’s future.

We knew that this aggression was coming from the White House. Democrats, forge ahead without fear.

Janet K. Linder
Auburndale, Mass.

To the Editor:

This is a very bad and not in the least bit surprising response from the Trump administration.

These officials know that the more that is investigated, the worse they look, and they also know that they can do whatever they want without consequence.

Democrats will threaten and subpoena and hope that in the end, after many delays, the courts will rule in their favor. Who knows how long that will take?

The Democrats’ path forward is to subpoena testimony and documents from the White House, but to see these documents as merely icing on a cake that will never get frosted. We already have enough to impeach the man who occupies the White House.

Lily Walman Blank
New York

To the Editor:

The Republicans’ characterization of impeachment as an effort to reverse the 2016 election results is a deliberate attempt to avoid discussion of the criminality that lies at the foundation of the Trump White House.

Impeachment is a constitutional and patriotic duty mandated when elected officials defy the law. Besides that, the Democrats couldn’t reverse the results of the 2016 presidential election even if they wanted to. The Electoral College beat them to it.

Ronald O. Richards
Los Angeles

To the Editor:

To Senate Republicans:

I know that you are aware of what this president has done and is doing to undermine and destroy this country. You know.

You aren’t stupid. You’ve made some sort of Faustian bargain with President Trump, but at what incredible cost? You know. You know that the president’s call with Ukraine was fundamentally wrong and against everything we stand for as the United States of America.

You know, and yet you protect him.

Now the precedent will be set. Foreign interference in our elections will be accepted. America is for sale. What’s to stop a Democratic candidate from making a deal with China? The Democrats could say that they would make any trade deal China wants if only the Chinese will help with the election. Is this what you Republicans want as your legacy?

With another four years of Donald Trump, we will be destroyed. Do the right thing and lead us out of this darkness!

Pamela Viale
Goleta, Calif.

To the Editor:

Only a truly insane person would proclaim his “great and unmatched wisdom,” as President Trump did on Twitter on Monday.

Mr. Trump’s narcissism is a clear and present danger to the United States of America and American democracy.

Arthur Bradley Eisenbrey III
Grosse Pointe Woods, Mich.

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