Friday, 24 May 2024

Opinion | I Counted on a Repudiation of Trump. I Was Wrong.

To the Editor:

I switched to “Casablanca” on TCM for large parts of the election returns on Tuesday night. A few moments of sublime romance seemed a fair reward for the debacle being played out on the other networks.

The commentators seemed alternately pleased, dismayed and frustrated by the numbers rolling in from around the country. I had a simpler reaction — I was shocked. I had assumed that the election of Donald Trump two years ago was a mistake, and that a large majority of people who voted for him deeply regretted it and would make it right in this midterm. I counted on Mr. Trump’s being humiliated by the rejection of his bigoted, cruel, disastrous policies.

I was grievously wrong, stupid and naïve.

Democrats won the House? So what? It is not enough to stop Mr. Trump and his Senate and his Cabinet and his Justice Department from continuing to destroy all that we once held sacred.

This is no longer the America of which we were all so proud — and no amount of slick lies can mask the truth. Worst of all, over 40 percent of Americans approve of the president. How can that be?

Sheila Levin
New York

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