Tuesday, 7 Jul 2020

Opinion | Bring Back the Cartoons!

To the Editor:

Re “Times Global Edition Is Ending Daily Political Cartoons” (Business Day, June 11):

I value the values of The New York Times. And these are not only fully compatible with but also encourage political cartoons. Understanding a cartoon requires the same skills as to draw one: intelligence, criticism, sharpness of mind, humor, sense of context. Of course some readers will not understand them properly, or will get wrongly offended. But this requires more cartoons, not fewer.

Daniel Saraga
Basel, Switzerland

To the Editor:

Abolishing editorial cartoons from your international edition? Seriously? I know going mano a mano with the Trump administration for the last couple of years is enough to spoil anyone’s sense of humor. But get a grip, please!

Look, we all get you’re not The New Yorker with cartoons as part of your DNA, but to deny loyal readers the occasional mordant chuckle is just too much to bear, especially in times like these. Even the Gray Lady can wear a clown’s nose from time to time, if you catch my drift. And we’ll still love you even if the odd cartoon is a dud. Just don’t give up on this hallowed, funny art form.

Sean Prpick
Regina, Saskatchewan

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