Sunday, 19 May 2024

Man breaks into Florida alligator farm, gets attacked by crocodile – and yes, he was wearing Crocs

A Florida man broke into an alligator farm and spent hours splashing around in a pond full of crocodiles before being attacked by one.

Brandon Hatfield allegedly jumped a fence at St. Augustine Alligator Farm on Tuesday night and spent about four hours inside a crocodile pen before being attacked by a 12-foot reptile, CBS News reported.

Security footage shows the man jumping from the roof of a shed and into the pond before splashing around in the water for quite some time. The pond contained at least three large crocodiles. At one point, the video shows a crocodile lunging at the man, biting his leg before thrashing about in the water.

Hatfield is then seen limping in pain before climbing a fence to flee the area.

When staff arrived the next morning, they found a pair of shorts and Crocs sandals, before spotting blood. That’s when they called police.

Hatfield apparently didn’t get too far with his injured leg. A neighbour to the farm spotted the man limping around his property and called authorities.

“As soon as we encountered the guy, we knew something strange was going on,” the neighbour told CBS.

The man was taken to hospital for treatment before being taken into police custody.

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