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#YYC5 breaks down Calgary’s best burger spots

Alberta is arguably home to some of the world’s best beef, so we knew it would be a difficult task for our audience to point out their favourite hamburger joints in Calgary for this edition of #YYC5.

As chosen by our viewers and social media followers, here are the top five burger places to visit whenever the craving hits.

Naina’s Kitchen

Want to get stuffed? If you answered a solid “yes” to that question, head over to Naina’s Kitchen where home-cooked comfort comes in the form of a stuffed hamburger — all kinds of goodness are crammed in between two seasoned beef patties. Mac and cheese, poutine and pulled pork top the list of fan favourites from this 17 Avenue S.E. eatery.



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You’ll find a distinct vibe at both of Regrub’s Calgary locations.

Whether you visit the 11 Avenue S.W. location or the food lodge at Destination Deerfoot, you’ll find each burger is anchored with a generous patty made entirely of hormone-free Alberta beef.

What Regrub puts on top might be described as over-the-top delicious!

A few of its more exotic burger toppings include Sriracha pickled pineapples, deep fried Oreos and torched asiago cheese.

Peters’ Drive-In

If you like your hamburger the way mama used to make it, take a ride over to Peters’ Drive-In.

The 16 Avenue N.E. blue and white beacon for the famished has been serving grade A, no-fillers-added beef burgers topped with a special barbecue sauce and set inside a specially-made bun since 1964.

You can almost always count on a lineup as Peters’ and its burgers have achieved icon status.

CB Drive Inn

The family-owned CB Drive Inn has been holding its own almost as long as Peters’ Drive-In.

This retro-style diner in the city’s northwest has been cashing in on its classic, homestyle burgers that are served fresh and hot off the grill.

Almost as popular as the burgers are the shakes and slushes CB’s keeps on tap — another reason so many say they keep going back.

Flipp’n Burger

Flipp’n Burger in Kensington has foodies flipping out over its locally sourced and surprisingly simple beef burgers.

“[Our beef patties] are one ingredient,” said Flipp’n co-owner Arif Karim.

“We have fresh, never frozen patties that are approximately six ounces. They’re flame-broiled, they’re local,” he added. “One of the largest patties in the city, for sure.”

The key to the tasty, bold burgers lies in the secret seasoning, which is made up of herbs and spices derived from “the mountains of Albania,” Karim said.

The classified concoction is also used to make the burger joint’s signature Flipp’n sauce.

“It’s about seven or eight different herbs in it and we make it daily,” Karim said.

Beyond its top secret recipe, Flipp’n keeps everything else out in the open, offering a little something to suit every burger-seeker’s palate. From gluten free to vegan friendly and vegetarian choices, all of the chicken and beef served at Flipp’n is 100 per cent Halal — that includes its beef bacon, one of several add-on options.

“We’re the triple threat. We do fresh — fresh potatoes, fresh buns, fresh meat, fresh toppings,” said Karim.

He quickly corrected himself: “Quadruple [threat], I guess.”

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