Wednesday, 22 May 2024

‘Tommy Goes to War’ performance in Saskatoon celebrates First World War veterans

Royal Canadian Legion Branch 362 held a two-day celebration over the weekend to show support to veterans as part of its Saskatoon poppy campaign.

The celebration included Regina-based playwright Vincent Murphy’s one-man show, Tommy Goes to War, a play that travels back in time to the First World War era.

The show highlights the brutality and bravery of soldiers during the conflict, while adding a touch of humour.

“I ask a question to the audience at the end of every performance… (I ask about) those who have an association with the military, with the Canadian Forces, and about two-thirds of the people put up their hand,” said Murphy.

“My point would be that anyone who enjoys the quality of life we have in this country should put up their hand.”

Murphy takes on various roles in his play, including a recruiting officer and the character of Tommy, first as a young recruit and then as a senior veteran.

Murphy was inspired by his uncle, who served in the First World War, to create the show.

“Everyone has been impacted by the sacrifice and the service of the members of the Canadian Armed Forces,” he said.

The show serves to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War. It is also a tribute to the men and women who continue to serve.

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