Friday, 25 Sep 2020

Takeaway from day 3 of the US Democratic National Convention

WASHINGTON (REUTERS) – The third night of the Democratic National Convention features a lineup of high-wattage political star power: former President Barack Obama, 2016 presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and 2020 vice presidential running mate Kamala Harris.

Here is a takeaway from Wednesday’s programme:


Women dominated the convention’s first two nights and will do so again on Wednesday (Aug 19).

On Monday, former first lady Michelle Obama drew rave reviews on social media for her impassioned rebuke of President Donald Trump.

On Tuesday, Jill Biden ended the evening on a somber note, reaching out to families in grief over losses suffered from the coronavirus pandemic.

On Wednesday, actress Kerry Washington served as the moderator, the third woman to do so this week.

The night’s closer will be Harris, who will be formally nominated to be Joe Biden’s running mate and will then deliver a speech assailing Trump for “a failure of leadership.”

For Harris, a former presidential rival of Biden, it will be the most closely watched address she has ever given – and will serve as a preview of the role she is likely to play ahead of the Nov 3 election.

Harris will be preceded by Clinton, who headlined the party’s convention proceedings four years ago; US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the ever-present thorn in Trump’s side; and Senator Elizabeth Warren, who also ran for president.

Watching at home: millions of women voters in swing counties who likely will determine who the next president is going to be.

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