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RCMP warn travel is not recommended west of Swift Current, Sask.

RCMP in southwestern Saskatchewan are warning drivers that travel is not recommended on Highway 1 west of Swift Current.

Police are reporting that drivers are having issues with blowing snow and icy road conditions from Swift Current to Gull Lake.

RCMP are giving a few tips on how to make winter travel safer:

  • Make sure your vehicle is checked and ready for winter, this could include installing winter tires, changing wiper blades to winter blades, switching to winter washer fluid and having a certified mechanic check it over.
  • Advise a friend or family member of your travel plans and check in with them often (when it’s safe to do so and not while you’re driving).
  • The legal speed limit is for ideal road conditions and in many situations when winter driving it is too fast for these conditions. Reduce your speed for the safety of you and others.
  • Leave a reasonable amount of space (approximately four to five seconds) between you and the vehicle in front of you, this will allow for plenty of time to stop in slippery conditions and avoid/minimize collisions.
  • Add some of extra weight to your vehicle, this could include putting salt/sand bags in the rear of your vehicles.

Also, RCMP warns that is common for Saskatchewan travelers to be stranded in areas due to vehicle issue/collisions and some area have a lack of cell phone coverage, police recommend you be prepared for these situations by:

  • Assembling an emergency kit which can include warm winter clothing (gloves, coat, ski pants, boots and other winter accessories), a first aid kit, food, blankets and a flashlight.
  • Have a set of jumper cables, extra fuel (jerry can) and items that can be used for starting a fire which could include an axe, lighter, paper and wood. We would suggest that these items be kept in a container either in the trunk of your car, tied down in the back of your SUV or box of your truck.

It is also recommended that you check the Saskatchewan Highway Hotline before you travel on the highway to make sure it is safe.

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