Sunday, 20 Jun 2021

New York giving $5 million jackpot lottery tickets to people getting Covid jab

The state of New York has upped the incentive to get a coronavirus vaccine – by offering a chance to win up to $5million.

New Yorkers who get vaccinated at one of 10 state-run sites will get a free New York State Lottery scratch off ticket with the hefty grand prize of $5million.

‘Today we announce a big new reason to get vaccinated,’ New York Governor Andrew Cuomo tweeted on Thursday afternoon.

Individuals must get their first dose of the Pfizer jab or the single-dose Johnson & Johnson shot in order to get a lottery ticket, which is sold for $20 at retailers statewide. The offer runs from May 24 to May 28.

The 10 sites that will be providing lottery tickets are spread out across the state, with four in New York City, one in Long Island, one in Hudson Valley, one in Mohawk Valley and one in Finger Lakes, one in central New York and one in western New York.

New York’s lottery offer comes a week after the state of Ohio announced it will draw the names of five residents who have received at least one Covid-19 dose and give them $1million each.

Not only individual states, but the federal government is stepping up efforts to encourage Americans to get vaccinated, as many who have not yet gotten the jab are those who are hesitant. Also last week, President Joe Biden unveiled a partnership with ride share services Uber and Lyft offering free rides to and from vaccination sites, on top of various deals and discounts with retailers.

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