Tuesday, 22 Sep 2020

Londoners celebrate Raptors’ NBA Championship, temporarily shut down stretch of Richmond Street

Downtown London was buzzing with excitement Thursday night, but city police say revelers celebrating the Toronto Raptors’ NBA Championship win were well-behaved.

London police say about 1,000 people turned out to watch Game 6 of the NBA Finals in Jurassic Park on Dundas Place.

Once the game ended with Toronto beating the Golden State Warriors 114-110, officers say the group made its way onto Richmond Street and the southbound lanes were closed for about an hour as celebrations continued.

Only one ticket was issued during the festivities and police say no criminal charges were laid.


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London to host Raptors viewing party on Dundas Place

Canadians from coast to coast were feeling the love for the Raptors and those on Dundas Place were no different.

“Sport has always brought out these types of feelings, camaraderie, bonding and good relationships among people,” said Carolyn who was at the viewing party with her son.

“I feel like absolutely these social types of events and opportunities for everyone to come together are super important.”

The Raptors’ playoff run also brought in new fans to the sport, including Marshall.

“I’m not a lifelong Raptors fan, but you gotta get behind your country, right?”

“I kind of jumped on the bandwagon a little bit, but I’m happy we’re doing well and I’m going to support (the Raptors) from now on.”

Celebrations to mark the Raptors’ championship win will continue on Monday, June 17 when the City of Toronto hosts a parade to honour the team.

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