Friday, 28 Feb 2020

Latest serious crash at Exchange District intersection prompts calls for changes

A Winnipeg woman is calling for new safety measures at a downtown intersection after witnessing too many crashes.

Heather Laser, the Director of Philanthropy at the Manitoba Museum, was in her office at the corner of Main Street and Rupert Avenue Tuesday afternoon when she heard a loud noise.

“That made me stand up and take a look and I went, immediately, ‘Not again,’” Laser told Global News Wednesday afternoon.

Laser saw a crash involving three vehicles, one of which was rolled over. One man was transported to hospital in unstable condition, where he remains, according to police.

Laser had dailed 911 after seeing the wreck, as she has done three other times in the last three years after witnessing serious collisions at that same intersection.

However, she said she has witnessed many more than just the ones she had to get involved with.

“On a monthly basis there is some crash that happens here in front of Rupert Avenue,” she said “Some of them are just fender benders where people exchange information, some are more serious.”

Heather Laser says she calls 911 once a year for a serious crash outside the Manitoba Museum.

More than 80,000 school kids visit the Manitoba Museum each year, according to Laser, which is one of the many reasons after the latest crash she decided to get on the phone with the city.

“I asked to find out what I could do to stop this,” she said.

She believes making a left hand turn, which requires drivers to cross four lanes of traffic in each direction without a traffic light, is one of the main issues.

Laser explained the situation to 311 and the person on the other end told her the complaint would be send to the appropriate officials.

When Global News reached out to the city, a public works spokesperson said the intersection is already undergoing a review process as part of road renewal plans for Main Street in 2019.

The city is urging residents to contact their local councillor or 311 with any concerns regarding road safety.

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