Wednesday, 12 Aug 2020

Josef Fritzl-like monster guilty of raping stepdaughter and fathering eight kids

An evil stepdad has been compared to Josef Fritzl after he was found guilty of raping his stepdaughter for decades and fathering her eight children.

Henri Michelle Piette, 63, first sexually abused Rosalyn McGinnis when she was 10, before 'marrying' her a year later in a ceremony officiated by his 15-year-old son, according to reports.

Rosalyn, now 34, reportedly suffered a miscarriage when she was 13 and was forced to flush the foetus down the toilet by Piette.

She claims her mum knew about the abuse and broke up with Piette, however he snatched her from her school in 1997, before moving around America and finally settling in Mexico.

The victim gave birth to her first child in the back of a van, aged just 15.

She claims Piette spent all of their cash on drink and drugs, leaving her so desperate she had to beg for money.

The mother added that he also beat her with an assault rifle, beer bottles and a baseball bat.

Piette denied the allegations, previously telling Fox23: "Most of it are lies.

"99 per cent are lies…I’m telling the truth.

"I never raped any children. I made love to my wife. We were married."

Rosalyn managed to escape her decades-long ordeal thanks to a chance meeting with a married couple in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Her new friends were suspicious of Piette, after he accidentally revealed his real age, and were concerned about the family, who were all malnourished.

The couple offered to help the mother and she eventually arrived at their doorstep with her children.

The family was brought back to the US and Piette was arrested in 2017 when he attempted to enter the US.

The abuser now faces life in prison after he was found guilty on kidnapping and sexual abuse charges on June 6.

He has been compared to Josef Fritzl, who kept his daughter prisoner for decades as a sex slave in a hidden basement.

Fritzl imprisoned his daughter Elisabeth when she was 18 years old in a dungeon he built under his house, telling his wife and police that she had run away to join a cult.

It took 24 years before a trip to hospital tipped off authorities and Elisabeth – along with three children she had with the beast – were freed from their life of captivity.

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