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James A. Gifford Causeway widening project delayed

There is no official date to start the project of widening the James A. Gifford Causeway between Ennismore and Bridgenorth.

“We have to wait for the appropriate approvals through the government authorities,” said Sheridan Graham, director of corporate projects and services for the county.

“We had a meeting to do with wild rice that was well attended. A large majority was from Ennismore and they kept asking me about the causeway,” said Sherry Senis, deputy mayor of Selwyn Township. “We heard we would begin work on the causeway the week after Thanksgiving. It’s a month later now.”

Phase one of the multi-year project is to expand the rock base of the causeway to reinforce the base of the roadway. Rockfill will be placed on the south side of the roadway connecting the communities over Chemong Lake.  The rock expansion project, awarded to Drain Bros. Excavating, is expected to continue through to 2020.

“I really hope the work starts this winter. It’s in really bad shape. I’m afraid if we wait another winter of what we will be looking at,” Senis said.

“We have the contractor committed to completing the project,” said Peter Nielsen, manager of engineering and design with the county. “We are hopeful and are awaiting more information from Fisheries and Oceans. We have permits in-place from Transport Canada and Otonabee Conservation. Perhaps some additional consultation is required to be completed to meet the federal mandate for consultation with First Nation. That’s a work-in-progress at this time.”

Traffic control during construction will be provided with reductions to one lane.

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