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Halloween heists haunting Regina residents

With Halloween just days away, many Regina residents say they’ve been seeing more tricks than treats this year, with decorations being snatched from their front lawns.

Faren Burkart, a mother of three, lives in northwest Regina and said her giant inflatable Halloween decoration was stolen in the middle of the night.

“I was quite upset and just really annoyed that someone would do something like that to us,” Burkart said. “My three-year-old just wonders why anyone would take anything that’s not theirs- even she knows better.”

According to a community Facebook group, there’s been a rash of holiday thefts throughout the neighbourhood.

“As far as I know, five other houses in and around the area have had their decorations stolen. I’ve seen adds on our community watch group [and] on VarageSale,” Burkart said.

Many are aware of the increase in crime- one person posted surveillance video of a theft in progress to social media, which resulted in the arrest of a 26-year-old man.

Others, sharing similar stories from the Windsor Park area along with Argyle Park and Rosemont. Some said with all the decorations being taken this year, they’re not putting any out.

“Unfortunately, it’s sad to just let them win, but it’s just money out the window if they’re just going to come and take them,” Burkart said.

Regina police say between Oct. 27 and Oct. 28 three thefts were reported to police that involved Halloween decorations.

While little remains of what once was a spooky setup, Burkart says her family isn’t letting the heist haunt them.

“Even though they took our decorations, they didn’t break our spirit,” Burkart said.

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